Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tango Down

Here's a real tear-jerker.

From Michael Marin Update: Canister labeled "cyanide" found in arsonist's vehicle, investigators say

Yee-haw. How's that for an attention grabber??

The facts: Michael Marin, a wealthy member of the financial elite who made his money on being a Wall Street shark, was charged with arson in relation to the fire that consumed his multi-million dollar mansion. As details about Marin's finances came to light, the authorities found that his bank accounts had suffered significant losses in the wake of financial unrest, and that he was unable to afford the upcoming payments for the property.

According to details I could find on the fire itself, apparently Marin was able to escape the blaze by brilliantly locating his scuba oxygen tank and using it to flee the thick smoke through a window and down a rope ladder to safety. As far as I understand it, the complexity of Marin's escape alone was enough to trigger the curiosity of fire investigators, and in combination with Marin's financial woes the case seemed pretty open and shut. Admittedly, details are hard to find now that most of the updates are concentrating on what happened after the guilty verdict was delivered.

A video provided in the CBS link captures the moments directly following Marin receiving the verdict. Marin can be seen holding his head in his hands, and surreptitiously slipping something from his hands to his mouth. Minutes later, he was dead on the courtroom floor.

While results are still pending regarding a toxicology screen, investigators have found a bottle in Marin's vehicle marked Cyanide. Pretty much settles that one.

And there you have it folks. Add another name to the tally of Wall Street suicides when these colossal egos are faced with the prospect of losing their reputation of being a mover and a shaker. Can't say I blame him. Must be pretty hard to go from Jeeves poppin' caviar to spooning slop from a tray in a cafeteria. Oh, the woe! The torment!

Three Monkeys Say: I'm sorry, sir! You can't cash in your chips here, you'll have to go to the casino cage!!

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