Tuesday, February 21, 2012


You know, I normally try to make a rule about not dedicating posts to discussing social media trends.

But damn it, I can't think of anything else to write about today, and this Twitter hash-tag has me in stitches.

The National Security Agency has recently claimed that hacktivist groups like Anonymous could, within the next year or two, be both capable and malicious enough to take down sectors of the power grid with their computer voodoo. In response, a well known Twitter account associated with Anonymous accused the NSA of fear mongering, saying that such an attack against the power grid, which many Americans with specific medical needs depend on daily, would be a direct contradiction to the goals of the group.

What has jumped out of this is the Twitter hash-tag #NSATheyKnowShit. I'll share a few of the gems here, but do a search for it yourself. It's worth your time. Assuming of course you have as much time to waste as I do.
1. Hackers are the reason I can't ever fold those stupid bedsheets with the elastic corners. #NSATheyKnowShit
2. Hackers are the reason that I stubbed my toe #NSAtheyknowshit
3. Hackers are the reason I can't remember last night #NSATheyKnowShit
4. Son, hackers are the reason your mother and I got divorced. #NSAtheyknowshit
5. Hackers are the reason why the rum is always gone! #NSATheyKnowShit
6. hackers are the reason you can't whistle while eating crackers #NSATheyKnowShit
7. ...hackers are responsible for Bieber #NSAtheyknowshit
8. Hackers are the reason why vampires nowadays turned into sparkling shit #NSAtheyknowshit
9. Hackers are the reason Al Gore believes in global warming #NSATheyKnowShit
10. Hackers are the reason one cannot simply walk into Mordor! #NSAtheyknowshit

How's that for a top 10 list? Eat your heart out, Letterman.

In closing, since I have no idea what YouTube video could possibly match up with something so absurd, it's time for something completely different.

Three Monkeys Say: No fish were harmed in the filming of that clip. We think...

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  1. Hacktivists are bad manz who want to break the gubmint!