Sunday, February 13, 2011

First Post! Woohoo!!

OK, so this is going to be one serious work in progress.  God only knows how this blog will look a year, or even a month from now. 

So in the vein of new adventures, let's start this off with a mini-showcase of a little new music.

Dangermuffin - Crazy

I saw these boys open last night for Yarn.  Had never heard of them before, and was pleasantly surprised with their performance.  Do yourself a favor, if they're coming to your town, go check 'em out.  I threw this cover of Seal's Crazy out there to give you all a taste of something familiar with a new twist, but their original material is just as good.  I'm gonna recommend you at least check out "What's In a Bottle" and "Moonscapes".

And on that note, its Sunday.  Back to lazing around.  Hope Dangermuffin hits that resonating chord of comfort for y'all as you gear up for the start of another week.


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