Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Hey-ey-ey, Joe!"

Morning Freaks and Freak-ettes!

Despite no shortage of eligible stories in the news to take aim and fire upon today, I've made a conscious decision to step back from all the lunacy for the day, and put the spotlight on a little music.

I've decided today to put the focus on two tunes, of a genre I affectionately refer to as:


My first offering is a tune most of you more than likely already know and love, but in a much more reserved and refined presentation. Jimi Hendrix put Hey Joe on the map, but it was The Leaves who first brought the jam out of the California garages and onto the air waves.

Now, fast forward some 30 odd years, and we have Reverend Horton Heat keeping that Psychedelic Thrash spirit alive with the head banging, heart exploding Psychobilly Freakout.

There we have it. Just over 5 minutes of high energy, melting guitar. Pick your knees up, throw out a quick ska kick or two, and get that blood pumping. It's almost the weekend god damnit.


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