Friday, February 18, 2011


Morning fellow travelers!

Another Friday, another impending weekend, and yet another all too brief reprieve from the weekly grind. Too keep in tune with the idea of easing into the weekend and making it a relaxing and enjoyable one, I'm going to temporarily tighten the flood gates on my over active bile duct, put down the glass of hater-aide, and switch gears from Rant to Mellow.

Today I humbly submit for your listening pleasure one of my favorite tunes to gear up for the weekend: Jamie Brockett's version of The Legend of the U.S.S. Titanic.

Now, in case you couldn't tell right off by the title, this tune has little connection to the tragic tale of the famous passenger liner that sunk to the cold bottom of the North Atlantic in the spring of 1912. Brockett's version tells the story of one of the most colorful casts ever to jump out of a folk tune. There's Jack Johnson, a pugilist who goes around boppin' people on the head and makin' all sorts of money. A Captain who knows all about walkin' like a Cap'n, writin' like a Cap'n, talkin' like a Cap'n, and doin' all sorts of Cap'n things. And of course, the First Mate, a man whose sideburns are just a little too long with a strange habit of carrying 497 and a half feet of rope with him wherever he goes.

Enjoy. And make sure you take time this weekend to stop and dig the icebergs baby.

Never forget the power of music to turn tragedy into comedy.

It's Just a Ride

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