Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vive La France!

Say what you will about this story, but hell, it's certainly different.

From Life's Great Clues: Alien chip found in the skull of Napoleon Bonaparte

French doctor Andre Dubois, on a grant from the French government, was performing an examination of the exhumed skeleton of general Napoleon Bonaparte in an effort to discover the root of the man's famed short stature. Hoping to see if a pituitary disorder was to blame for Bonaparte's diminutive height, Dubois instead stumbled upon what he claims to be an advanced microchip embedded in Napoleon's skull. A microchip which he claims is extraterrestrial in origin.

Even more interesting, Dubois claimed that the microchip had been implanted in Napoleon at a young age, explaining that the bone of his skull had partially grown around the implant. Apparently, when Napoleon was 25 he was captured and briefly imprisoned during the Themidorian coup in July of 1794. Yet no record of this arrest exists, and the only piece of corroborating evidence is that Napoleon did in fact disappear for several days. Shortly after his return to his troops he began his stellar rise through the ranks. Within a year of his disappearance Napoleon was in charge of all French troops in Italy, and less than a decade after had crowned himself emperor of France, postulating that all of this history occurred at the behest of an invisible alien hand tampering with the course of human development.

Of course, it is more than possible that all of this is just another internet hoax. But for me, personally, this is one legend I'd rather not have debunked. I get too much enjoyment out of the thought that extra terrestrial beings chose a pint-sized war monger as their instrument for causing turmoil across Europe, bent on some convoluted goal that is beyond our understanding. Something about the prospect of a midget general as the unwitting champion of alien forces just makes me giggle inside.

Enjoy the day, kids. It's only getting weirder.

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