Wednesday, September 21, 2011

War on Birth Control!

From the people who brought you The War on Drugs, and the wildly popular sequel, The War on Terror, comes the next installment in the blockbuster series! Coming to a county near you, this fall, The War on Birth Control!

From Texas GOP Rep On Cuts To Family Planning: ‘Of Course This Is A War On Birth Control’

Ahh, Texas. Thank God I stopped taking life so seriously, otherwise these 10-gallon hat wearing bible-addicts would really be causing me to lose sleep at night.

Yes, in a world where over-population is becoming a bigger and bigger problem by the day, Texas Representative Wayne Christian is spearheading the fight against birth control. Riding on the coattails of governor and presidential candidate Rick Perry's "emergency law" demanding that doctors perform a sonogram on women at least 24 hours before an abortion can be performed, Christian is taking the fight even further. Restricting medical facilities over abortion procedures, cutting funding for Planned Parenthood by over two-thirds, and threatening poor women's health care programs in the state.

Of course, the refreshing piece here is the fact that Christian isn't mincing his words here. Abandoning the party line that these cuts would in some way save Texas money (never mind the fact that Texas already spends more money on teenage pregnancy than any other state of the union), Christian has stepped into the firing line and openly declared war on birth control. After all, according to him, "that's what family planning is."

Yep. Read that again.

“Well of course this is a war on birth control and abortions and everything, that’s what family planning is supposed to be about,” Christian said.

Well, here's a thought Wayne. You want all these extra kids running around? Then you fucking pay for them. You take them to school every morning. You help them with their homework. And damnit, you'd better be cutting the crust off of those peanut butter and jelly sandwiches you put in those brown paper bags every day.

"Conservatives want live babies so they can raise 'em to be dead soldiers!

Play it again, George.

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