Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stop the Madness!

Fresh from the News Desk, here's the most atrocious thing I've read in recent months.

From MSNBC: Reclusive Amazon tribe missing after attack

In case you weren't paying attention to the comings and goings of reclusive jungle people back in 2010, there was a touching story about an uncontacted tribe in the Amazon jungle that had been aerially photographed for the first time. The images that were released showed touching scenes of tribal people gathered together pointing at the sky with spears in confusion, startled and confused by the flying beast in the sky.

Now, that same tribe of people has completely disappeared in the aftermath of what authorities are calling "one of the biggest blows we have ever seen in the protection of uncontacted Indians in recent decades". The official story places the blame on a drug cartel out of Peru, the border being a scant 32 miles away. After gunning down the guards at a Brazilian check point, it is believed that the tribe ran off in fear of the loud fully-automatic boomsticks, leaving the government bureau of Indian affairs panic struck as they try to local the natives.

Now, here's my theory.

Seems a little odd to me that a drug cartel, which has presumably been in the business a decent stretch of time just by the fact that they've earned the moniker "cartel", would suddenly decide to burst through the land of a protected tribe. I mean, these people have remained completely unmolested and separate from modern society FOR ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY.

Wouldn't it perhaps make more sense that these protected people were residing on some tract of land that the government might have had to get it's hands on for some reason? Granted, I'm basing this conclusion on absolutely nothing beyond my own sense of jaded skepticism, but perhaps these people were situated right on top of the path for a brand new 4-lane interstate that needs to go up. Kind of like the opening to Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The papers have been available for you in the town hall for 6 months now. Why didn't you lodge a formal complaint?

But beyond he possibility of glaring government greed, the only true constant in our world, how about the motives of this supposed cartel? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought most cartels primarily organized themselves on a foundation of secrecy and clandestine activities. After all, they are smugglers. And I can't script a better way to garner headlines and negative attention from the bleeding heart Americans. Via various channels of political influence and persuasion, I'd be willing to bet that tighter patrols become enforced on the border, and increased guards for the tribes themselves. At the very least this would mean more palms to grease with heavy-handshakes to bribe your way across the border. Certainly doesn't sound like a sound business practice to me.

No matter your feelings on the various cartels that have a stranglehold on South America, you can't deny that these are some clever sons of bitches. Between the posts I've shared discussing the various narcotic submarines and tanks that are now being used to shuttle drugs around the world, and the totalitarian grip they hold on most of Mexico, they've certainly proved themselves to be resourceful, if nothing else.

But who knows? I could be wrong, certainly wouldn't be the first time. Just use your logic first people. If there's a tickling in your spine telling you something isn't quite on the level, odds are you're probably right.

"All governments are liars and murderers"

Thanks Bill.

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