Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This Must Be The Place

You mean to tell me there's a place in this country where an entire neighborhood has agreed to not bombard you with their theology by plastering it all over their front lawns?

Where do I sign up?

From First Coast News: Homeowners Association Rules 'Jesus' Sign Violates Rules

As the story goes, Sarah Phillips, a resident of the Sutton Lakes community for four years, received a notification in the mail demanding she take down the sign in her front yard reading "Jesus". The Homeowner's Association for the neighborhood has given her three days to take down the sign, and has promised a fine of $100 per day for every day after that she refuses to comply.

Now, the problem is not that the sign carries religious weight, but rather that it's a sign at all. Apparently, according to the contract Phillips signed, all residents agreed that the only signs allowed to be posted on their property are For Sale or For Rent signs. So political campaigns and religious signs are out. But the statuettes of the Virgin Mary and other Christian symbols that one of her neighbors have in her yard are perfectly OK.

While Phillips admits to signing the agreement, she claims that she "did not give away [her] freedom of speech, religion, [her] rights as an American citizen." Guess what, honey. You signed a contract. And you certainly did not give up your First Amendment rights. You have every freedom that enables you to pack up your shit and move, if that little sign is really that important to you.

Alas, I feel I hear the growing sound of war drums over the horizon. I'm sure these Christian's aren't going to let this one go without a fight. Luckily, even the ACLU has said that while they can't comment on this specific case, odds are this woman doesn't have a leg to stand on in court. So while Phillips plans to leave her sign on her property and suffer the wrath, hopefully her fines can go towards something useful. Perhaps a neighborhood pool for the children, or a playground.

Either way, sounds like a nice neighborhood to me. An entire community that agrees not to cover their property with religious and political propaganda...brings a tear to my eye.

Wouldn't it just make more sense for Phillips to take the cue from her neighbor, remove the tacky Jesus sign, and replace it with some Jesus themed lawn gnomes? Hell, I bet you could put up a lawn decoration that's bigger than the tiny sign that's causing all this turmoil and just paint "Jesus" on the front of the little bugger. It's amazing how all logical and critical thinking skills just flies out the window the minute religion gets involved.

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