Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Full Time Revolutionary

Good Morning Freaks!

Today, I have a personal update to rock your worlds with. I am officially a member of the unwashed denizens of unemployed crowding our great nation. Now, what does that mean for you animals? Well, with the exception of yesterday, which I took as a personal mental health day, and today, which I am using just as a quick update to let you know what's good, I will be spending more time spilling the contents of my mania on these electronic pages.

That's right boys and girls. From full-time cubicle maze rat to full time revolutionary, I'll be here to help you all put the important pieces together as we sift through the trash that is daily shoved down our gullets from the media.

So please, strap in your seat belts, place your tray table in their upright position, its time for lift-off mother fuckers.

Let's do this.

Hey hey, monkey-man, whatcha gonna do now?

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