Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"I'll tell ya, life ain't easy for a boy named Cash"

Montana child cured of brain cancer after father fed boy medical marijuana

Now how's that for a touching story? Young Cash Hyde of Missoula, Montana, apparently has made a full recovery after his parent's received the crushing news that their child was suffering from a brain tumor shortly before he reached the ripe old age of two.

Now, let us be careful to mention that Cash's father's administration of cannabis oil through his child's feeding tube was not the only treatment the boy received. Cash Hyde did go through a grueling stint of chemo to battle his cancer. According to The Daily Mail, the boy was being fed through a feeding tube, as the chemo had destroyed his young appetite, and hadn't consumed any actual food in nearly 40 days.

Cash's father, Mike Hyde, made the decision to give his son cannabis oil in an effort to ease the pain of his condition. As a result, Cash was able to muster up enough of an appetite to actually begin eating real food again, allowing his body to gather the strength it needed to survive the two-pronged assault of the chemo-therapy and the brain cancer.

The funny thing here is that despite medical marijuana being legal in the state of Montana, Cash's doctors refused to even discuss the possibility with the family. Mike Hyde was forced to go out side of the hospital to receive authorization to obtain the cannabis oil, and then had to secretly administer the drug through his son's feeding tube. The doctor's had already told Mike and his wife that they should be wary in holding out hope for their son's recovery as his condition was so grave, and yet still they refused to even discuss the possibility of administering the cannabis in an effort to make Cash more comfortable in what was assumed to be his final days.

Cash's father also asked the doctors to stop giving his son the anti-nausea drugs that they commonly use in conjunction with chemo-therapy, though he did not say why. According to Mr. Hyde, "his son started looking better right away."

Now, Cash Hyde has made a full recovery and there is no trace of the cancer left in the small child. Was it the cannabis that allowed the boy to push back from the brink of death? Don't ask me, I'm no doctor. Pretty damned interesting story, though.

One thing I am qualified to comment on though...who the hell names their child "Cash"? Got some weird folks out there in Missoula...

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