Sunday, July 10, 2011

As Above, So Below

Morning, freaks. Or early afternoon, however you want to play it. Dick

Don't really have too much for you today in the vein of tangible, valuable content. No energy for such lofty undertakings today. Rather, today I ask that we click the gears to wax philosophical. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Check out these images from

The top image on the page, a map of the neurons of a standard lab mouse.

The bottom image, a computer simulation of the approximate image of the universe as it undergoes rapid expansion from its epicenter.

Pretty crazy, huh?

Hope you enjoy this last afternoon before the work week begins again. Spark up an offering to the gods of pointless pondering and let this one stew on the back burner for awhile. Really helps to appreciate how this great big mystery might really be playing out.

Who knows, maybe with the scrapping of the NASA shuttle program I talked about a few days back, we can start realizing the corollary importance of exploring the psychic plane hand in hand with the astral plane. Psychonauts, your species needs you.

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