Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thought I felt a little sore after that last trip to my Korean Urologist...

Morning freaks! Boy, do I have an awesome story for YOU!

From the LA Times: Korean Surgeons develop new method for determining approximate penis length

First, to every woman who has ever told me "Size doesn't matter", fuck you. Obviously if the Koreans are spending this much time and effort on the matter, it's pretty important.

So, apparently, these surgeons took a pool of 144 male subjects over the age of 20 who were undergoing a urological procedure. Once in the hospital and properly anesthetized, the doctors carefully measured the lengths of the subject's index and ring fingers. Then, a careful measurement of their sexual organs, a flaccid measurement, and one taken while "stretching" their member. It was believed that this incredibly scientific "stretching" process would accurately predict the erect length of the subject without requiring them to become aroused. At the end of the experiment the Korean team concluded that the lower the ratio of length between the index and ring fingers, the longer the erect length of the penis of the subject.

You should really give the article a quick perusal, as it provides a litany of other wonky little relationships between finger length and sexual characteristics, including the fact that apparently lesbians commonly have a more "manly digit-ratio", despite the fact that gays do not show a more "feminine ratio". But beyond all of these giggle-inspiring snippets, there is one piece to this article that I find a little bit alarming. At no point do they mention the fact that the subjects of the study were aware that they were being yanked and measured while under the effects of anesthesia. Now, I'll admit that I don't know to much about the medical practices of South Korea, but something tells me that there were droves of Korean surgeons running around urology clinics and unceremoniously stretching patients' penises with a ruler in one hand and a clipboard in the other.

"The Doctor will see you now!"

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