Friday, July 29, 2011

Now You Know!!

And knowing is half the battle!!

From The Sydney Morning Herald: RAAF airman seriously burnt in toilet explosion

Sounds like a Jackass 3.0 bit.

So apparently a member of the Royal Australian Air Force suffered third degree burns to his face, arms, hands, and airways after he triggered an explosion by lighting a cigarette in a chemical toilet. Or a "portaloo", as they call it in Aussie-speak.

What the fuck kind of chemicals are they using in these porta-pottys? Speaking from personal experience, I have probably smoked at least a full pack of cigarettes over the years in various Porta-Johns over the years. Not only that, but drawing from my moe. run last week and the intense smell of pot that I smelled from people trying to avoid concert security by blazing a quick one in the toilets, the fact that they're claiming that lighting a cigarette somehow triggered this explosion is utterly baffling. I mean, if you're smoking a bowl in one of these things, that requires a lot more usage of an open flame than the one spark it takes to light up a cigarette. And the whole damn toilet exploded right in this guys face!

So, my fellow cancer-ridden tobacco enthusiasts, be wary the next time you decide to light one up while you're taking a load off and pinching a loaf. You might just trigger a reaction that could result in you carrying burn scars that would put Freddy Kruger to shame.

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