Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All the News that Fits, We'll Print

Afternoon, friends! A holiday infused "Bah, Humbug!" to you all! God Bless Us, Everyone!

OK, so I'm getting a little frayed on the whole holiday season. But I'll tell you one thing that never gets old for me - taking shots at Fox News and their cross-eyed support base! Yay!

From Fox News viewers less informed than those who don’t watch news at all: study

Well, hot damn! Wipe the egg off your face and try to explain THAT one, fascists!

According to the study from Fairleigh Dickinson University, Fox News viewers are apt to know less about current events in the US and abroad than people who do not watch the news at all. Fox Fans were found to be largely ignorant of the year's events in Syria and Egypt, the basic ideas surrounding Occupy Wall Street, and were even unable to identify Mitt Romney as the front runner for the Republican nomination, which is pretty alarming considering the amount of time the channel spends on Republican topics.

An analyst for the poll, Prof. Dan Cassino, has said that these results do not necessarily categorize Fox News' primarily Republican base as being less educated, but rather takes the point that there is something about Fox's programming that leads to their viewers retaining less information.

The article goes on to discuss that admittedly, Fox viewers were not the only ones to score poorly on the poll. From the figures given, it would seem their nemesis MSNBC isn't doing too much better. Apparently, the members of the study who scored the best on the poll were those who got their news from Sunday morning programs or print sources like the New York Times and USA Today.

But in true dramatic fashion, the people over at have saved the juiciest piece of this study for last. I honestly can not WAIT to see Bill O'Reilly try to spin his way out of this one. Apparently, one of the top news sources with regards to their audience being informed and retaining information is none other than The Daily Show with Jon Stewart! HA! Fuck you, Bill-O!

Ahh, Fox News. "The Most Powerful Name In News". The clip is from 2004, but it's still more fun than a barrel full of fundamentalist blow-hards.

Three Monkeys Say: Sorry, you'll have to excuse us while we go laugh this off

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