Friday, December 16, 2011

Define: "Tragic"

Fidel Castro was the head of the Cuban government as Prime Minister from 1959 until 1976, and again as President from 1976 until around 2008. This rings in for a total of 50 years ruling with an iron fist.

William Melville Hicks was born in 1961, passed away in 1994, and if he was still with us, would be turning 50 years old today.

Ever notice how those good guys always leave us way too soon, while the demons are allowed to run amok??

Jesus - Dead
Kennedy - Dead
Martin Luther King - Dead
Gandhi - Dead

Reagan - Wounded

We miss you, Bill. Happy Birthday

Three Monkeys Say: Bye, Bill! Enjoy it!
Bill Hicks Says: I will, y'all have fun while I'm gone!!
Three Monkeys Say: We will, Bill, Goodbye!!

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