Monday, December 19, 2011

Ding Dong the Asian's Dead!!

The rivers and streams of North Korea are turning salted with the saline of the tears of her citizens, as the nation comes together in grief over the loss of their Dear Leader.

That's right, kids! Kim-Jong Il is dead! I'd post a link for you in my normal fashion, but there's really no need to as it is the top headline on virtually every news server today.

The path of succession has been cleared for Dear Leader's third son, Kim-Jong Um, who by all reports is even nastier a person than his father's famed legacy could account for. After all, that's just how they do it in North Korea. Slamming down holes-in-one on the golf course with a fine cigar and a glass of cognac, while they feed their starved populace to the exotic menagerie on the palatial estate of the regime.

And just in case you didn't believe me about the bit concerning North Korea's rivers now running with salt water, do yourself a favor and check this video. It's absolutely incredible how effective a totalitarian regime can be in controlling their people. Albeit a touch over-exaggerated, these people look pretty damn crushed. Though admittedly, that might just be due to the machine-gun squads hanging out just outside the camera shot.

Three Monkeys Say: Alas, Dear Leader - we hardly knew thee.

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