Wednesday, December 7, 2011

'Mythbusters' Making Their Own Urban Legends

Frankly, I have to say I'm kind of surprised it's taken so long for these boys to fuck up so fantastically.

From 'Mythbusters' cannonball busts through house

Boys will be boys. And boys with a background in pyrotechnics will fuck some serious shit up.

As the story goes, the production team for the popular television show "Mythbusters" suffered an unfortunate mishap when an experiment that involved launched various items out of a cannon backfired. Well, I guess backfired isn't the proper term here - overshot maybe?

The team was firing an actual cannonball out of the cannon, presumably in the name of taking notes on a control for their experiment. The control flew wildly out of control however when the cannonball tore through a cinder-block wall, bounced its merry way down a hillside, barreled 700 yards through a suburban California neighborhood, smashed through the front door of a house, bounced up the stairs of the house and, without knocking, penetrated a bedroom door where a man, woman, and child were sleeping.

The shot also flew through the wall of the bedroom it had so rudely invaded, and finally came to rest in the van parked in the driveway of a local suburban home.

While the 'Mythbusters' team has not commented on the event, something tells me there was a little brown jug involved. Triple X Death Moonshine. White Lightning. 'Cause we all know how difficult it is to aim artillery when you can't walk a straight line.

Three Monkeys Say: Just Follow the Bouncing Ball!

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