Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Australians. They Make You Uncomfortable.

Welcome back, my friends. To the show that never ends.

We just take long, unexplained leaves of absence. AWOL. Punk Rock.

So, in the vein of breaking back into this beast slowly, today I'm just going to share a quick quirky video with a little sub-text. A stretching exercise for the keyboard, if you will.

So, friends, if you would kindly turn your attention to the film below, showcasing the rare and elusive Melbourne Tent Monster, we can begin.

What you are seeing here is footage of the Occupy Melbourne protest, finding a creative way to make the local PD chase their own tails in a fury of consternation. You see, it is against city regulations for the protestors to set up tents and camp sites in public squares, making an occupation in the traditional sense quite difficult. Their response? To set up tents in the park with appropriate holes for arms, legs, and head appendages, and wait. As the unnecessarily large coterie of police begin to goose-step up to the tents ready to crack skulls and tent poles in the name of freedom, the monsters suddenly spring to life and begin to caper around the grounds.

In my opinion, the best part of the video is during 0:26-0:30, as you watch the original reaction of the yellow-vested peace officers. The footage captures a tradition almost as uncommon as the Tent Monster itself - the police version of the popular stadium antic of The Wave. Watch close as a wave of gnarled claws begin to stroke mustaches and beards that aren't there as the police try to figure out what the hell they're looking at before they all cross their arms and scowl with the precision of an Olympic synchronized swimming squad.

Three Monkeys Say: I'll tell ya one thing, Bob. I may not know what the SOP is for engaging a Tent Monster, but I know it's against the law!

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