Sunday, January 22, 2012

Boys in Baby Blue

Howdy, freaks.

From The Guardian: Undercover police had children with activists

Information regarding some of the seedier realities of long-term police surveillance are now being released, specifically the tactic of police spies fostering intimate relationships with women involved in political activism.

Two police officers from England are now under fire for fathering children with women in the name of cultivating a believable persona in infiltrating political activist groups. The article from The Guardian does not go into specifics regarding what activist groups these men were involved in, but they must have been pretty nefarious. The article does however paint a pretty picture of police spies who had no involvement in the lives of the children that were created, even indirectly, at the will of the state.

Comments from various police chiefs assert that this behavior is not encouraged in their departments, but the fact remains that these children exist. It's a little bit like police departments requiring officers to meet unreasonable arrest quotas in their departments, and then throwing them under the bus when the same departments are involved in planting evidence. The department may not have encouraged these men to father children in order to secure their secretive positions, but someone obviously instilled in these officers a feeling that it would be preferable to father a bastard than to fail in their espionage mission.

The article goes on to lightly explain a history of these activities stretching back to the mid-80s, with at least 8 women coming forward with charges of immoral behavior being laid against the police. And as the article hints, as the news of this story begins to snowball and gain steam we will surely see more women come out with similar claims.

So much for the police standing as a shining beacon of morality, huh?

Three Monkeys Say:
You who've never done nothing but build to destroy
You play with the world like its your little toy

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