Friday, January 20, 2012

Where's that damn bottle of Chianti??

From Math formula may explain why serial killers kill

OK seriously. Where are the funds coming from for these studies?

A group of scientists believe they have successfully matched the murder pattern of a famous Russian serial killer to the same formulas that help to predict earthquakes, stock market crashes, and epileptic seizures. Of course, I was utterly unaware that there was already a formula in place for predicting these "impossible to predict" events, so that's news to me too.

Now, the article gives a bunch of mathematical quasi-scientific mumbo-jumbo to explain their findings. And my gut reaction is to say it's all a load of shit. But then again, I've been wrong before. The interesting piece to me is the apparent lack of data supporting their claims. Sure, they've mapped out this one specific serial killer from Russia, but I don't see much data on Bundy, Gacy, or any of the other heavy-weight serial killers.

What is interesting is the effect this study could have on the judicial system's handling of serial killers. After all, if it can be scientifically proven that a killing spree is as natural an event as an avalanche, than how can we possibly punish someone for an offense that is so obviously out of their control?

Three Monkeys Say: Gotta say, really helps to add a little levity to the whole affair.

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