Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Makes me kinda glad I don't work in the service industry anymore. Then again, if the man in the following story had been me, you'd best believe I'd be cleaning up after this one. Party time - litigation style.

From RT.com: Millionaire CEO breaks waiter's finger for "bad service"

John Castle is finding himself in a little hot water after a recent altercation at a swanky Florida dining establishment went violent. Castle, millionaire CEO and member of the high-class Club Colette, became enraged when his waiter broke restaurant protocol and dropped the check on his customer's table.

Apparently patrons at Club Colette all have a running tab with the house, so as to not be embarrassed by everyday troubles like arguing over the bill at a table. Castle, so enraged by the staff's lack of decorum in this regard, grabbed his server's hand and began "squeezing and twisting" his fingers. While the employee complained to management regarding his customer's behavior, the report was shrugged off and largely ignored.

That is of course until the pain persisted and the waiter, 57 year-old Paul Kucick, went to the hospital and discovered that Castle had broken one of his fingers. Ca-Ching!! Jackpot, baby!

Now, traditionally I don't support the overly-litigious knee jerk reactions that have become so commonplace in this country. But in this case, fuck this asshole. Nail him to the wall, and hit him where it hurts.

Maybe someone should have shown Mr. Kucick this training video.

Three Monkeys Say: What a crock of shit!

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