Monday, January 23, 2012

Sister Hazel Jones

Happy Monday, freaks.

From The Daily Mail: Woman with two vaginas rejects $1million offer to make adult film

Uterus Didelphys. A condition characterized by the presence of a second womb and cervix.

After appearing on TV last week to talk about her incredible condition, Hazel Jones is fending off advances from various interests in the adult film industry looking to make her the next big porno-star. Offers have already come from famed Vivid entertainment, promising one million dollars, plus travel and accomadations, for Ms Jones to appear in one of their films. You can understand the draw - just imagine the possibilities having a second vagina opens for the real of adult film!!

Oddly enough though, Jones has said she will never accept any offer to star in an adult film, regardless of the price tag. I find this to be more than a little curious, as the woman seemed to have no problem going on television to talk about her condition. Why come out to the world in such a public fashion, and then squelch at the big money shot (pun intended). Indeed, I find it very strange that Ms Jones would so willingly go on to a televised program to discuss her rare condition, and then answer these grandiose offers with a curt "I just want to be left alone". Yeah, cause nothing spells "I want to be left alone" like going on TV talk shows.

On a quick side note, the tiny details provided by this article are positively delightful. Like the fact that Ms Jones has no problem showing curious women her dual-snatch at cocktail parties, as she finds the condition to be a great ice-breaker. Or the fact that she turned down surgery to fix her ailment due to the possible side-effect of long term scarring - apparently two neat vaginas are sexier than one overly scarred one. And finally, Jones was completely unaware of her condition until a long-term boyfriend informed her that she was different from other girls in the genital area, prompting her to see a doctor. Honestly, how did this girl make it through sexual education without figuring out something was woefully out of place between her legs?

I'll tell you one thing for damn sure, though.

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