Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Anniversary of getting the shaft!

Ho-ho! Morning friends!

I was a tad uninspired this morning as I contemplated what to cover on my daily update. To battle this, I hopped on over to to see if anything exciting had happened on this day in history. And boy oh boy, what an interesting day March 10th has been in years past!

On this date in 1876, the first phone call ever was made!

On this date in 1910, China ended slavery!

On this date in 1960, the USSR agreed to stop nuclear testing!

On this date in 1972, the USSR performs more nuclear testing! (ironic, huh?)

On this date in 2000, the Dow Jones market peaked at 5132.52, "signaling the beginning of the end of the dot-com boom."

And my personal favorite, on this date in 1862, the United States started issuing its first distribution of paper money!!!

Now, while it wasn't until 1933 that we started removing gold coins from circulation, and not until 1975 that we completely abolished the gold standard (thank you, Nixon), today we can still celebrate the fateful decision to start putting our financial faith on little pieces of paper touting "In God We Trust".

And why did we ween ourselves off the gold standard? To promote financial stability! By reducing our reliance on having a physical backing of precious metal for every bill printed, we allow the Fed to exert a more stable level of control in guiding our economy. Thank god our predecessors had the profound foresight to enact these policy changes which have so helped keep this nation financially solvent.

And thus began the cloak and daggers acquiescence of the people's democracy in favor of the tyrannical rule of the Federal Reserve, and the forced bent knee to the international banks. In the words of George Carlin, slavery in 21st Century America isn't going to come with whips and chains, but with credit cards and Smiley-Face T-shirts. Go back to bed America.

Go Back to Bed America

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