Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Lenny Bruce is not afraid"

That's great, it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, an aeroplane...

Today officially marks the one year anniversary of my entrance into the world of cramped cubicles, shuffling paper and pale fake smiles. That's right boys and girls, it's been a full year since I started employment in a corporate office. Surely the second coming is imminent. Any day now...

But take heart, dear friends. While we anxiously await the arrival of the low pressure system that will bring the toads, and various other amphibious creatures, that will assuredly fall from the skies in the not too distant future, know now that I will remain vigilant here at my post. Screaming into the wind for any of you hapless fools unfortunate enough to stumble upon these pages.

For it is in these lines that I am able to find comfort and escape from the drudgery of being chained to my particle board cubicle, surrounded by posters of kittens clinging to branches telling me to "Hang in there!" And for that, I thank you for humoring me and continuing to return to peruse my mad ramblings.

So as this mad, mad world tightens and accelerates in its psychotic downward spiral like a penny nearing the end of the track in one of those funnel donation barrels, like Ford Prefect from Douglas Adams' opus I have but one piece of advice: Don't Panic. At least you can take stock in knowing that you're not the only crazy one out there.

And I don't know about you, but I'm feeling pretty psyched.

Right? Right!

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