Monday, March 7, 2011


To all my loyal readers and fans - apologies for not posting yesterday. A bit of a pain in the gulliver, you know. But all is well, now.

Welly welly welly well! The beginning of a new week is upon us, my little droogies! And what better way to flash yourself up for a bit of the ultra-violence than a quick post from your favorite blog? Other than a quick stint at the Korova Milk Bar, that is.

And to start this week off right, we turn the spotlight on The Road Trip to the End of the World.

This CNN article is a lengthy piece of a group of Christians who have taken to the road in their Holy Caravan warning the masses of the impending return of the Lord. May 11th, 2011, get ready. My own beliefs in the surety of the impending apocalypse aside, it's absolutely fascinating how these people are choosing to spend their last weeks on Earth.

Instead of seeking quality time with their family, these self-proclaimed "ambassadors" are touring the country spreading warning that people get their affairs in order before the rapture. The footage of the true believers handing out literature at Tampa's pirate festival is especially rewarding.

What I find truly fascinating is how adamant these people hold to the date of the end-times they have divined from their book, while discarding any other theory as blasphemy and heresy. Never mind that Harold Camping, the man responsible for fact-checking this date of prophecy, was already wrong once in predicting that September 6th 1994 would be the day of days. Hey, at least the Mayans only predicted one date. If 12/21/12 comes and goes without the thunderous arrival of the great feather-serpent, we don't get to have the Mayans scramble to re-do the math and come up with a second guess.

Oh well. Only time will tell. Gotta admit though, it'd be pretty damn sweet if we all got to witness the end of time in our own lives...

Bring it on!!

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