Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Who you gonna blame when the rain comes in?"

Pentagon announces current tab for operations in Libya

10 days in. $600 Million later.

What the fuck?!

I'm sorry but can someone please explain to me exactly where the fuck this money is coming from, and who the fuck thinks that this is how we should be spending it?

As if we didn't learn enough from the debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan. We're fucking broke people. Does no one remember all of Obama's hard line speeches about how the coffers are literally empty at this point?

I just fail to see how this is in any way a prudent decision. Sure, Gaddafi's treatment of his own people is certainly deplorable. But how the fuck is this our problem? The French and British seemed to be pretty gung-ho on the whole campaign without any influence from us. Why don't we let them take a turn at playing World Police?

Our involvement in Libya is just another example of how this country is being run into the ground by a group of elitist scum-suckers who have figured out how to turn a profit off of throwing their blood-lust fueled erections into other people's business. Sure, the bill so far to the taxpayer for this "conflict" is 600 million. But someone out there (Raytheon) is actually making all of these missiles, and turning a profit off it. And these representatives of the military industrial complex that turn these profits have the buying power to keep lobbyists bullying the population of Capitol Hill into ensuring that their is no deviation in the profit stream.

At least I can take comfort in the fact that I haven't heard the term WMD mentioned once. Yet. I think the government has finally realized that people won't take the bullshit from their lies and blindly follow our noble and mighty leaders carrying the cross into battle. Unfortunately, it appears that we don't even have to be whipped up with the possibility of apocalyptic military encounters to allow these atrocities to occur.

And now the news is slowly seeping in that we are in fact going to be placing Marines on the ground. ABC is reporting that a group of Marines are already enroute to Tripoli. What happened to the lofty promises that our involvement would be strictly in a support role, with a focus on air strikes and no risk of American service men being placed in harm's way on the ground? Seems like that tune changed pretty quickly.

I realize this post is sloppy and disjointed, and for that I apologize. I just hope that at the least you can take the facts out of the news reports I have provided and draw a conclusion without too much interference from my wild ramblings. If you'll excuse me, my stomach ulcer is currently boiling through the lining of my gut and I need to expel some bile before my body is consumed by stomach acid. Have a lovely day everyone.

"Who you gonna blame when the rain comes in?

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