Friday, March 4, 2011

\m/ FRIDAY \m/

It's Friday people.


And in honor of this most glorious of work-days, let's see if we can't mentally fast forward ourselves a little closer to the summer festival season with a little jammy-jam.

08/30/08 - Turin, New York: moe.down 9 - Snow Ridge Ski Area

moe. (feat. Jeff Austin) - Bring You Down

OK, I can't believe I've been doing this for nearly 3 weeks without having embedded a moe. jam yet. Astonished, in fact.

This selection here is one of my favorite sit-ins with moe. ever. From his opening whisk of mandolin at 0:40, to the fire he starts throwing down at around 6:30, Jeff Austin brings a whole new taste to Bring You Down. Absolute high-light of the weekend next to Cornmeal's jam on Macintyre Range into 32 Things. Nothing better than moe. throwing down the bluest of the grass. \mm/

And on that note, get off your computer. Get out of your house. The weekend is fast approaching and its friggin' gorgeous outside. Go enjoy it.

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