Monday, March 21, 2011

First, kill all the politicians

A happy monday morning to you, my fellow travelers and psychonauts!

I'm still struggling to catch up and sift through all the media bullshit involving Operation Odyssey Dawn. And to be honest, I'm really just at a loss. I feel shocked and confused, but not on our actions but rather that I feel shocked and confused at all. It's a brutal cycle.

It's sad, but since the days of George Carlin's meteoric rise to stardom on the comedy circuit it has been a rare occasion when you could count on a politician to be more honest and reliable than a comedian. And to prove that point, my video clip today is a collection of rants from my favorite living laughter technician, Joe Rogan.

Pretty succinctly stated for a man who does commentary for the UFC and former star of Fear Factor. I'm just getting really pissed off about all the lies we're getting out of Washington here.

What happened to all this business with the budget being completely fucked? We need to cut federal funding to public broadcasting, yet we can throw 100 Tomahawk missiles into a political situation that has nothing to do with us? According to Wikipedia, each Tomahawk missile costs roughly $570,000 dollars. Simple math here. I thought we were broke? $57 million in the opening action of a military conflict that at least half of America wants nothing to do with.

OK, I'm going to stop this disjointed and broken diatribe. I'm just too upset about all of this to properly organize and present my thoughts.

Have a great, emoticon smiley-face filled day America.

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