Saturday, March 26, 2011

Define Cosmic Justice:

-- A hate-filled anti-asian racist rant ultimately resulting in the donation of money to the aid of Japan in the wake of the tsunami.

Fucking love it.

I just found out about this story involving a young female from UCLA. Apparently she thought it would be a great idea to post in the video blog - which subsequently is posted to youtube for the world to see - to go off the handle about how annoying it is when asian students interrupt her diligent studies with their "Ching-Chong Ling-Long" China-babble. Now, while I didn't spend too much time in the library at NU, I can certainly relate to the problem of having people interrupt your studies by being inconsiderately loud on their cell phones in the library. But hell, in my experience, loud-mouthed blond bimbos were always much greater culprits in this regard than mild, soft spoken asians.

Which brings us to another student at UCLA, Jimmy Wong. Since the earthquake and tsunami that rattled the Japanese infrastructure a few weeks ago, Jimmy has been posting videos to YouTube of funny little songs that he records with his friends. These songs are also available on iTunes, with the proceeds of every song purchased going to the Japanese aid effort. How's that for noble?

Jimmy, like millions of Americans, saw Ms. Wallace's video blog and was rightly offended. But, instead of forwarding death threats like so many other incensed individuals, Jimmy decided to turn the whole debacle on its head. He recorded a musical response to her rant, and I have to say, it's freaking hilarious.

Jimmy has made the song available to the masses on YouTube, and if you enjoy this or any of his other uploads, please purchase the track from iTunes. Not only is it going to a great cause, but the fact that Jimmy Wong is putting in the time and effort to professionally produce his work and yet is not expecting any compensation for his effort speaks to a flavor of the human spirit that I think has been largely lost in recent years.

If you happen to read this Jimmy, keep up the great work. I'm hopping on iTunes right now and purchasing my copy of Ching Chong. Best love song I've heard in years.

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