Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Dancing Bear

Augustus Owsley Stanley III
Rest In Peace

Psychedelic icon Owsley Stanley dies in Australia

Owsley passed away today in a car crash in Australia. The legendary ground breaker of the 60s psychedelic movement was, according to that article, "believed to be 76."

Considered by many to be the father of the psychedelic movement on the San Francisco Bay area of the 1960s, Owsley's accolades are too numerous, and too outlandish, to ever hope to be sufficiently covered here.

So I recommend you take a moment to investigate the man's legacy on your own. I leave you with a quote from Owsley, taken from The National Post article regarding his philosophy on his "criminal activities", and a song which his legend inspired.

“What I did was a community service, the way I look at it. I was punished for political reasons. Absolutely meaningless. Was I a criminal? No. I was a good member of society. Only my society and the one making the laws are different.”

Keep On Dancing, Bear

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