Monday, March 14, 2011

If Ignorance is Bliss...

Anyone ever wonder why ignorant people always seems so pissed off all the time?

I've been trying to avoid posting on the natural disaster currently wreaking havoc across Japan, but I simply could not let this one slip past me.

"A Lesson in Social Media Ignorance"

Check that out. The good people over at were kind enough to post a small collection of what has to be the most idiotic hate-mongering since American Muslims were afraid to leave their homes in the wake of September 11th.

My personal favorite is the status in the top left of the collection, from Robert Lopez. Clad in his army fatigue and clutching his rifle with a death grip, this asshole loudly, and proudly, proclaims "getting a little payback for Pearl Harbor. they thought we forgot about that BS, didn't they?" Sweet Jesus.

The really frightening thing is we're at a point now with our exposure to social media that no one can really be expected to be ignorant of the fact that anything you post on these public forums is fair game for the viral media frenzy, and therefore open to the world. Maybe, just maybe a handful of these postings are done in the vein of black humor, which I can more than appreciate. But the problem is, in my limited experience with the fevered denizens of this police state I have learned that a frighteningly large portion of our country has no real clue what black humor is, and rather these statements are driven from a oil-pumping heart devoid of anything but nationalism, fanaticism, and racism.

And as for the Japanese, my heart goes out to you. And my one piece of advice...with all the radiation problems you're having...keep an eye out on the local lizard population.

Sorry...couldn't help myself. I told you, I'd been trying to avoid the topic for a few days. How's that for black humor?

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