Friday, March 11, 2011

"I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas"

If you ask me, life is all about finding those Silver Linings, and embracing them when you can. With this morning's news report bearing a striking air of apocalyptic tidings, I didn't expect to find much of a Silver Lining in today's cloud. Record earthquake wreaking havoc across Japan, continued unrest in the Middle East and Northern Africa, and now reports of protesters in Saudi Arabia facing violent suppression from state security forces, the headlines today certainly carry enough doom and gloom.

But I have learned that the Silver Linings are never to be found on the front page, but rather buried back near the classifieds. And what better Silver Lining to brighten all this tragedy than this report postulating that Mr. Doom & Gloom himself, Glenn Beck, may no longer call Fox News home after his contract expires in December.

Citing a decline in ratings and increasing difficulty in obtaining respectable advertisers for Beck's programming, The New York Times is reporting that Fox is analyzing the possibility of a future without the iconic figure.

I'm reminded of Bill Hicks' bit about the pygmy tribe attacking the great elephant beast. Seems eerily applicable with this story.

Sure it's about a President and not a media icon...but that pygmy dance seems awfully inviting.

Now with it still only March, it is far too early to tell if Beck will truly be departing from the network. Even the Times mentions in the article that this announcement may only be a negotiating tool to be used by the network exec's to facilitate negotiations with Beck later in the year. But maybe, just maybe, if we're all really good for the rest of the year, Santa Claus won't have to come down our chimneys this Christmas. Rather, we can wake up on that early morning and behold the wonders of the miracle of Christmas by turning on our TV sets and being greeted with the announcement that this cretin will no longer be invading our homes through the air waves.

Gives me something to fondly dream of in these troubled times.

It's gonna be Sweet

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