Friday, June 3, 2011

Hack The Planet!!!

Looks like Zero_Cool and the gang are back, causing trouble for the world's faceless corporations.

From The International Business Times, Netizens speculate next target as hackers rule corporations world over.

Now I understand how this can be a touchy subject for a lot of people. It's very easy to look at these hackers as the cyber-terrorists of this Brave New World of ours, wreaking havoc on share values as they attack the networks of some of the most powerful international corporations on the planet. But in this day in age where professional whistle-blowers are being seduced into allowing these mega-corporations free reign with the temptation of cushy lobbyist jobs (Meredith Attwell Baker, anyone?), the fact of the matter is we can no longer trust the institution to regulate itself.

It falls on the shoulders of these anonymous individuals to ensure that these faceless organizations retain some accountability for their actions. This whole country was founded on the concept of checks and balances, the idea that one hand watches the other. And that is really all these hacker organizations are doing, making sure that these mega-monoliths feel the fear that someone is actually keeping an eye on their actions, a fear that we as civilians feel every single day.

Think of it this way. While the public citizens must live with the knowledge that The Patriot Act allows for virtually every aspect of their lives to be monitored, these Patriotic Actions do the same for these companies.

Besides, who could stay angry at goofy bastards like these?


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