Sunday, June 5, 2011

Protection from what Tommy?! Ze Germans?!?!

Reported from Al Jazeera English:

German Beansprouts 'likely cause' of E.coli outbreak

German authorities have identified a locally grown crop as being the likely cause of an E.coli outbreak that has been responsible for deaths and illness across Europe. This problem, as it stands, appears to be mostly concentrated in Germany, with scattered cases being reported from other European nations.

The interesting aside to this article are the reports leaking in of "deplorable conditions" in hospitals in Northern Germany, specifically Hamburg, the epicenter of the outbreak. I'm not going to lie, while I was initially surprised that E.coli could even be transmitted from vegetable matter (I ain't no biology major, it's all Greek to me), it was these reports of the hospital conditions that made me pause enough to decide to make this my article of the day. Knowing absolutely nothing about hospitals in Europe, I had always just assumed that the Germans, being the meticulous and efficient people they are, would have some of the best and cleanest hospitals in the world.

Just goes to show, when you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME. Teehee, I love bringing in childish mnemonic devices into my posts. Makes me feel so juvenile.

And on that note, enjoy what's left of the weekend freaks. Back to the grind tomorrow. Unless of course you're unemployed like myself, in which case, let's keep the rager going!!

Creepy ass Eastern Europeans....

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