Sunday, June 26, 2011

Time to get the fuck out of Kansas, Toto

The hill people have risen up. And apparently, not only do the hills have eyes, but they also have valid voter registration cards.

From Mother Jones: Kansas: The First Abortion-Free State?

And the Merry Dance continues.

So, according to this article, the staunchly pro-life state government of Kansas has enacted a series of new regulations which will effectively force the closing of the three remaining abortion clinics in the state. These new regulations, which were put into place June 17th of this year, not only give regulatory commissions more power in fining and shutting down these establishments, but also require that all clinics comply with the new standards by July 1st of this year, effectively giving them 10 business days to change their operations.

What kind of regulatory changes, you ask? Well, for example, all three clinics would be required to expand just about every room in their facility, from waiting rooms to recovery rooms, even including the janitor's closet. They're also being required to add brand new restrooms facilities. And in case the dramatic physical facelift isn't enough for you, all facilities are now required to obtain a new state certification, a process which can take 3 to 4 months. Making it completely impossible for these clinics to comply by the deadline imposed by the state.

Coming down on the clinics isn't the only way Kansas is trying to oust abortions, though. They're also attacking those who would be receiving them, restricting regulations on eligible abortions, and tightening private insurance coverage for the procedure.

While there is likely to be a long, drawn out court debate in the coming months, anti-abortion groups like Operation Rescue are already claiming victory in the fight.

Oh well, fuck it. It's just Kansas. I have a feeling this problem will completely sort itself out. Perhaps from widespread national news coverage of the snowballing epidemic of women receiving back-alley abortions in clinics stocked with nothing more than burnt-out light bulbs and rusty clothes hangers. Or even better, maybe the entire state infrastructure of Kansas will just collapse after at a generation of it's citizens are denied abortion rights and they become plagued with legions of genetically muddied nightmares that can only come from years of incestuous rutting in Wal-Mart parking lots under the harvest moon.

Either way, pop some corn and get ready for the fireworks. This should be good.

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