Wednesday, June 22, 2011

None of the Above!

Youse guys seen that movie Brewster's Millions with Richard Pryor and John Candy?

Classic film, right?

So, while we watch the Republican party parade incompetent, extra-chromosome toting savages across the debates, and Obama continues to misrepresent the people and disrespect their trust in the office he holds, I say we take a cue from Monty Brewster. In this upcoming presidential election (yes, I realize it's still June of 2011, I'm trying to get a jump on this one), I say we all honestly go into the voting booths and vote for, you guessed it, None of the Above!!

For the first time since America decided to patent its own flavor of democracy, we as a people have the connective power to actually pull something like this off. Thanks to social media platforms we can disseminate information while bypassing the traditional news circuits. Spread the word. None of the Above!

We'd be better off with no one manning the helm of this ugly monster. At the very least, we can stop wasting time blaming people when things go to shit. Save our time and energy trying to actually fix our problems.

None of the Above!!

"I figure voting for [Jackass] or [Douchebag] is just as silly as them running for office! Which is just as silly as me running for office! The only thing not silly is the power of the people's vote. And I think the people should use it to vote for: None of the Above!"

Damn Right.

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