Monday, June 27, 2011

This Aggresion Will NOT Stand, Man!

Or maybe it will. Something tells me that if we as a nation don't stand up in outrage at this one, nothing is going to stop the TSA.

From CNN: TSA stands by officers after pat-down of elderly woman in Florida

The TSA has gone just a little too far, this time. The article above tells the story of a recent encounter between the TSA and an elderly woman at the Northwestern Florida Regional Airport just over a week ago. The 95 year old woman, frail and bound to a wheel chair, was on her way to Michigan to live with family for a short period of time before she was placed in an assisted living complex to live out what was left of her life with as much dignity as she had remaining.

And that dignity was cast to the wind when she was forced by TSA officials to remove her adult diaper as part of her security screening.

The woman was forced to undergo the now well known TSA procedure of a "thorough" pat-down. During the pat-down TSA workers discovered that her adult-sized Depends was "wet and firm", and that the diaper needed to be removed in order to ensure the safety of all the other passengers.

What. The. Fuck.

Now, in all honesty, I realize that the economy is in dire straits at the moment, and that finding good work is hard to come by. But at what point in your career with the TSA do you wake up on morning and finally say "enough is enough"? I mean fuck, the day I show up to work as a glorified mall cop and have to start digging through adult diapers, I'm fucking quitting. Your paycheck isn't worth that much, no matter what number you're writing on it.

But as ridiculous as the crux of this story is, it's the details that drive me wild. Like the fact that the woman's daughter was forced to undergo a physical pat-down because she started crying in the security line as she witnessed the disgraceful treatment of her mother. Or the quick aside mentioning how a 6 year-old was forced to go through the same pat-down last April because she had moved while in the full-body scanner, invalidating her scan and forcing a more "intimate" investigation.

All I'm saying is, thank god I'm fucking broke. Because if I was of a station in life that required me to be subjected to these modern day bridge-trolls on even a quasi-regular basis, suffice to say I'd likely be arrested for casting obscenity into the wind every time I crossed a check point.

And all this is going on while these two maniacs are free to run around the airport terminal without being approached once by security. Obviously a 95 year old leukemia patient is much more of a threat.

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